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Shoal Creek Puppies extends the following Limited Warranties to the Original Purchaser or Designated Owner Named on this document: (these warranties are not transferable)



Date of Birth:                                             Sex:

Registration or Litter #:                          Breed Registry

Sire:                                                             Reg. Number:

Dam:                                                           Reg. Number:





  • Shoal Creek Puppies warrants your pet for one (1) year from the date of birth against congenital disorders that would interfere with your pet’s ability to lead a normal life as a companion pet. Health issues that can be cured by medication/surgery are not covered.  Shoal Creek Puppies may specifically disclose to the customer in writing, at the time of sale, the presence of specific congenital disorders, or conditions not covered under this warranty, in which case the consumer has no right to any action for those disorders or conditions. If the puppy dies of a life threatening genetic disease within the first year of life, in order for a replacement puppy, the buyer must have a necropsy performed at their state lab and report proving the genetic disease sent to seller’s veterinarian Failure to comply will receive no compensation. Shipping costs are not refunded to buyer if said puppy perishes and buyer qualifies for a refund (shipping is the option of the buyer)




This limited warranty is neither an all risk life insurance policy nor short-term health insurance for your puppy.  You must make a wellness appointment with a veterinarian for your puppy within 5 business days, and the puppy must be seen by the veterinarian within 5 business days, at your expense, to activate your health warranty. Your puppy is covered for any contagious illness other than hypoglycemia that manifests within 7 days of purchase. Under no circumstance will Shoal Creek Puppies warranty a puppy that has passed the incubation period of the diagnosed illness; meaning the illness did not come from our property, but rather was exposed after purchase.

During the initial exam, should your Veterinarian diagnose any physical health problem that will require veterinarian care, other than required vaccinations and/or worming, you must notify us within twenty-four (24) hours.


Shoal Creek Puppies does not cover or reimburse for the following routine maintenance expenses: vaccinations, dewormings, fecal exams, flea treatments, heartworm preventative, office visit fees, testing performed with negative results, tests performed unnecessary for treatment and/or diagnosis, emergency visits, or for conditions directly resulting from the customer’s negligence (including hypoglycemia), training or behavior problems.


Congenital Claims – You must supply Shoal Creek Puppies with the following on all congenital claims: Original registration papers and a certificate of spay/neuter, a letter on veterinary letterhead from a licensed veterinarian diagnosing the condition, and supporting documents such as radiographs or copies of blood work.


Under no circumstance will seller pay for medical fees needed to diagnose a hereditary or congenital condition. In accordance with both the 7-day and one-year extended warranties, Shoal Creek Puppies has the right under Missouri law to require the consumer to produce the animal for a second opinion by a licensed veterinarian designated by Shoal Creek Puppies at our expense. If the veterinarian diagnoses the dog with a life threatening hereditary condition the dog shall be returned to the seller and a second puppy at equal value will be exchanged for original puppy.

______ * HYPOGLYCEMIA (covered for 48 hours after purchase) All Young Dogs are susceptible to Juvenile Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) if they are subjected to physical stress and are not watched carefully to be sure they are eating and drinking the correct amount. Hypoglycemia can happen quickly if the puppy is played with excessively and not given the opportunity to rest, eat and drink. The signs are wobbly, uncoordinated behavior, becoming semi

Comatose, or seizures. Death may result! Hypoglycemia has been explained to me.

______ * Luxating Patellas/Carpal Laxity – This puppy has been examined by a licensed MO veterinarian for Luxating Patellas/Carpal Laxity. Unless disclosed in writing, the pup was not found to have this condition. Due to the many factors that can affect these conditions as the pup ages, (such as trauma), luxating patellas/carpal laxity must be diagnosed by your veterinarian within the first 7 days of purchase. If your puppy is found to have grade III or higher knees during the initial veterinary exam, you may return the pup within 24 hours for a full refund. Please bring a written diagnosis from your veterinarian confirming this condition. Be advised that Shoal Creek Puppies will not cover the initial exam or any surgery for this condition, now or in the future ! Luxating Patellas (loose knees) have been explained to me.

_____ * Seller cannot warrant the puppy against common conditions such as hypoglycemia, kennel cough, mites, coccidiosis, giardia, parasites non genetic conditions that are not deemed life threatening such as hernias, mild luxating patellas (grades 1-2), cherry eye, dry eye, or mild heart murmurs or allergies. (Most of these conditions should be found by 8 weeks old and will be discussed). If they happen within the first 7 days, please contact seller. After ten days, they are the responsibility of the buyer.

______ * By your initial, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above warranties. If shipping was included in your purchase price this will not be refunded under any circumstances, shipping is desired by buyer and runs $ 330 per puppy.


Additional Disclosers Regarding This Pet:




Some illnesses and parasites are contagious to other animals. Shoal Creek Puppies encourages you to keep your new puppy separate from any other pets in your home until it receives a clean bill of health from the veterinarian. We will not cover medical fees or diagnostic testing of any other pets in your home that may have been infected by your new puppy.


Shoal Creek Puppies provides your pet solely for the purpose of a companion pet. There is no warranty expressed or implied that you will be able to use your pet for showing or breeding purposes. Therefore, Shoal Creek Puppies will not be responsible for show ability or future breeding capabilities of the pet sold, or any variation in standard or markings that may occur in a registered pet. (I.E. color, coat length, size, temperament, etc.) You should not purchase a puppy from Shoal Creek Puppies if either of these uses are a condition of your purchase!



If the puppy is no longer wanted Shoal Creek Puppies, will be more than happy to take the puppy back and find a new home with no compensation/refund to the original buyer.


This written warranty is the entire agreement between the buyer listed below and Shoal Creek Puppies concerning the health, condition, development, use or loss of the pet purchased today. The Buyer agrees that no other guarantees or warranties are expressed or implied. Do not rely on any oral statements contrary to this agreement unless it is specifically included in writing.


I have read and completely understand these warranties, all of which I accept.


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If paying with PayPal a 3.2% surcharge will be expected from buyer to cover fees.


DO NOT PRINT – You will receive a hardcopy of the contract after meeting with us and discussing any questions or concerns.

If you are interested, please contact us.  or (417) 846-7267