Siberian Husky Puppies

  Siberian Husky Puppies

Check out our beautiful Siberian Husky Puppies! We have several Siberian Husky Puppies to choose from in various colors and sizes. All of our Siberian Husky puppies have beautiful blue eyes and are up to date on Vet Checks and vaccinations. Below are a list of Litters with a first date available for the puppies to leave (8 weeks old). If you do need your puppy shipped we do offer shipping every Friday for an additional 350 to your nearest airport!


Siberian Husky Puppy Litters Available                 dsc_0375

Litter: Karley’s Siberian Husky Puppies 

Litter: Kenya’s Siberian Husky Puppies 








\Puppies that have recently been adopted.

These are no longer available for purchase.

Husky HuskyHusky

Hi, my name is Max!

Max is a handsome boy who is ready to have a good time. Max loves to play with others and is especially good around children.  Max has striking blue eyes and a heart of gold. He loves to run and play and tries to grab your attention with all of his cute little moves. Max enjoys going for going on a nice run, playing outdoors, playing with this toys and cuddling up to take a nap.


Husky IMG_4015 Husky

Hi, my name is Tyler!

Tyler, is a sweet little guy who is ready to have a good time. Tyler loves to be where ever you are and is definitely a cuddlier. He likes to play outside in the yard, play with his toys and loves to have his belly scratched. One of Tyler’s favorite things to do is lay next to you side and be pampered; however, he gives plenty of kisses to show just how much he loves you in return. He cannot wait until he becomes your fur-ever friend!

Sold- I’m moving to Arkansas

HuskyIMG_4113 Siberian Husky

Hello, my name is Rex!

Rex, is just as sweet as they come! Rex, loves to adventure around the yard looking for something new and exciting that maybe he didn’t noticed before. Rex loves to be the center of attention and loves to dazzle you with his stunning blue eyes. One of Rex’s’ favorite things to do is curl up next to your side or on your lap for a nice little nap.


Husky Husky Husky

Hi, my name is Everest! I am the only girl out of my whole litter! Don’t worry though, they treat me like a princess! I am always ready to give you lots of kisses the moment you walk through the door! I love to be next to your side, whether that’s watching TV, going for a run, spending time with your friends or just getting my belly scratched. I can’t wait to be your fur-ever little girl!

Sold – I am going to Texas!!! 


Husky IMG_3966 IMG_3976

Hello there! My name is Ashton!

Ashton loves to be spoiled, and loves to spoil you by giving you kisses and cuddling up to you. He loves to go exploring and enjoys playing with this toys; however, most of all he loves to be the center of attention. He is sure to light up your life from the moment you lay eyes on him. Ashton, is perfect for someone looking for a running partner, a walking buddy, or a best friend.

Sold – I’m going to Colorado!!! 



IMG_4178 IMG_4182IMG_4238

Hello there, my name is Drake!

Sold – Illinois, here I come! 




IMG_4340 IMG_4350IMG_4360

Hi, my name is Lane!

I am a determined little guy, and I am determined to make you my forever buddy! I love to be both in and outdoors, as long as I am with you. I have the most stunning blue eyes, and will melt your heart the moment you lay eyes on them.  I am ready to going hiking, camping, or even hang around the house. I can’t wait to meet you!

Sold- I’m headed to Arkansas 



IMG_2357 IMG_2366 IMG_2553

Charlie is a gorgeous white Siberian Husky! He loves to be outdoors playing with his friends. Charlie had beautiful blue eyes which melts your heart every time you take a look at him. Charlie loves to be pampered, loves playing with his toys and is great around children. Toby is sure to win you over the second you lay eyes on him. Don’t let this little cuddle bug pass you by. He is just waiting for you to make him your forever baby boy.

Sold- New York here I come!




IMG_2426 IMG_2416IMG_2412

Copper is a delightful little angel! She is ready to play right when you walk through the door. She has beautiful blue eyes and incredibly soft fur. Sadie enjoys playing, cuddling and is always up for an adventure. She would make a great running or walking buddy or a loyal friend around the house. Copper is sure to melt your heart the second you lay eyes on her.

Sold! – Florida here I come!!!



IMG_2465 IMG_2502 IMG_2510

“Hi, my name is Molly and I love having my belly scratched! In fact, I love to be pampered in general! I am smaller than my other siblings, but I am super sweet and as adorable as can be. I enjoy long walks, playing with my toys, being around my best friends and I am really good with both adults and children. I cannot wait until you take me home! Oh, and did I mention that I give world-famous puppy kisses? Don’t miss out on them!”

Sold – “I’m going to Iowa! Oh Yeah!!!”



IMG_2698 IMG_2705IMG_2710

Ossy is a handsome boy who is ready to have a good time. He loves to play with others and is especially good around children. He has striking blue eyes and a heart of gold. He loves to roam around looking for something new and exciting. Ossy enjoys going out for a nice run, playing out in the sun, playing with his toys and cuddling up to take a nap.




IMG_2630 IMG_2648 IMG_2622

Diesel is a gentle little fellow. He is shyer than his siblings, but still enjoys getting out and having fun! He enjoys being around children and adults which makes him perfect for your family. Diesel enjoys playing, cuddling and giving lots of puppy loving, especially kisses! Diesel cannot wait until you get to take him home! Hurry and make him yours today, before some other lucky family does. He can’t wait to meet you.

Sold – I’m going to Illinois!! 



Siberian Husky  Siberian Husky     Siberian Husky 

Scout is a handsome little boy with the cutest personality. He loves to adventure around the house and the yard looking for where fun and excitement is happening. He loves to cuddle up and take nice long naps with his favorite buddies. Scout loves activities such as running, playing with his toys, giving kisses and spending time with all of his friends. Scout loves to be pampered and is sure to bring lots of love and joy into your life

Sold- I get to stay in Missouri, wahooo!!!