Frequently asked questions

Do you ship your puppies?

Shipping can be a great option for those who do not have the opportunity to pick up their puppies. ShoalCreek Puppies ships all their puppies by air through Ozark Jet-a-Pet a pet courier service. Ozark Jet A Pet is a family-owned pet courier service that takes pride in providing our customers with the most up-to-date services and state-of-the-art transportation equipment available while delivering the friendly, helpful service our customers deserve. They offer safe and reliable pet transportation year-round, with over ten years of experience in pet shipping. Our customers are always impressed with how well Ozark Jet-a-Pet takes care of their pets when they arrive at their nearest airport. Click here to see available shipping destinations. These puppies must also have: A health certificate provided by our vet to travel Airline approved travel crate with a clip-on food and water dish The flight made to travel during a safe temperature We will provide all of this for you. The normal cost of shipping a puppy is $450. This, of course, depends on where the puppy is going.

What will my puppy come with?

Their dew claws removed (Three days of age) Microchipped Dewormed at Week 2,4,6 and three days before going home All age-appropriate vaccinations A COMPLETE examination performed by our vet and their contact information 2 yr. Genetic Guarantee 3 generation pedigree will be provided after spay/neuter documentation has been sent to us. Started on a healthy diet of Nutrisource Small/Medium Breed Chicken and Rice Formula Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Advanced Puppy Socialization 75% potty trained. 100% Potty trained through a doggy door. Our commitment that we will be here to answer any questions for the lifetime of your puppy! A Lifetime of Love, Laughter, Licks, and Loyalty!

Where are you located?

We live in a farmhouse on 200 secluded acres with lots of room for our babies to run and play in the Wheaton, Missouri area. Wheaton sits on the Southwest corner of Missouri in Barry County. We are approximately one hour from Springfield, Branson, Joplin, and Northwest Arkansas.

How do I place a deposit/pay for my puppy?

Shoal Creek Puppies offers several methods of payment, designed to meet your financial convenience. To reserve your new puppy, we require a NON-REFUNDABLE holding fee be placed towards the purchase price of your chosen puppy. The amount of the fee will vary upon the price of the puppy (typically a $300 deposit). While these fees are non-refundable, they ARE transferable to another puppy within 6 months of deposit being made! Payment Methods: Venmo Paypal Credit Cards (must add 3.5% to the amount you're paying to cover processing fees) Check

Do you allow visitors?

Of course, we welcome visitors, which quickly become friends to all of us at ShoalCreek! You are always welcome in our home. However, it’s not always possible to visit with our puppies. We are very strict as to when we allow others to see and hold our babies based on when they have had their vaccinations. It is our ultimate goal to raise healthy, happy puppies. To meet this goal we must make sure that no foreign bacteria is carried into their facilities before they have their complete immunities! Believe me; it is as hard for us as it is for you! We are always anxious to “SHOW OFF” our beautiful babies, but we have to remember what’s best for everyone! We want you to get your perfect puppy! We do ask that you call first and make an appointment so we can make sure we have plenty of time to spend answering your questions and making you feel at home. We allow visitors Friday – Saturday with an appointment.

What will I need for my new puppy?

Over the years, we have tried many, many products and have spent hours extensively researching many of the products on the market today and with that experience and knowledge, we’ve compiled a list of puppy products and brands that we feel are deserving of your investment. This is a list of recommended puppy products and brands that are, in our professional opinion, tried and true. We hope this will help our new families navigate the process of raising a healthy, happy puppy. Food - We’re currently feeding Nutri-Source Small and Medium Puppy food. We love this food and recommend that you keep feeding this food or feed one full bag of Nutri-Source until the bag is gone. This will help with the transitioning process. Then we recommend that you switch to Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Small/Medium Breed Chicken and Rice Formula. Food and Water Bowls An old towel For traveling. Paper towels and baby wipes Chew Toys We prefer Kong’s or West Paw Zogoflex Dog Toys– Please NO rawhides A small-sized squeaker toy Moisturizing Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner Pinbrush or FURminator A Lifestages Crate. Be sure to get the divider so the crate can grow with your puppy. A Leash and Collar . We recommend at least an 8″-12″ expandable collar; you will need a lightweight 6′ nylon leash until the puppy gets bigger. Although your puppy may not love the leash, to begin with, it’s a good idea to start early. We do NOT recommend retractable leashes for both puppy’s safety and yours! Harness Distributes the weight of the puppy, so you are not pulling it from the throat with a leash. Potty Bells

Do you have a guarantee on your puppies?

Yes, we do have a guarantee on our puppies for genetics. The details are spelled out in our contract which you will be issued upon placing your deposit.

Are your parents genetically tested?

Yes, our parents have been OFA/Pinhip, and PawPrint genetically tested. To learn about each of these tests you can go to the official PawPrint site at or do your own research on the internet.

Am I required to spay/neuter our puppy?

Yes, we do require your puppy to be spayed or neutered. The details are spelled out in our contract which you will be issued upon placing your deposit.

What’s your return policy if I can no longer keep my puppy?

We recommend that everyone take into consideration the work of a puppy and the lifelong commitment it takes to raise one. However, we also know that situations arise in which case we will help the puppy find a better home. Additional details are spelled out in our contract which you will be issued upon placing your deposit.

Pomsky Information

A Pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian which results in a large variety of coats and eye colors. ACTIVITY LEVEL: Moderate. Pomskies are playful like a Husky, but also cuddly like a Pomeranian. As long as they have play and exercise during the day they will be ready to cuddle up for a nap or bedtime. F1 vs F2: If a puppy is an F1 it means the parents are a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. These puppies can vary greatly in coat, color, size, and eye color depending on the parents. There size can be anywhere from 10 to 24 pounds, but usually ranges from 14 to 18 pounds. They can have a sleek soft coat like a husky, or a fluffy coat like a pomeranian. If a puppy is an F2 it means both parents are pomskies. These puppies have a wide variety of coat colors, and many times have a fluffier coat like a pomeranian, and often (not always) will have blue eyes. These puppies vary greatly in size even within the same litter. SIZE: On average we say that all of our pomskies range in size from 10 to 24 pounds at maturity. It is very much dependent on the size of the parents. We can usually give a good gestimate at weight based on the size of their parents, but we cannot read the future and though we may say a certain range, we could be wrong. Generally F1's have a size of about 14-18 pounds. F2's tend to have a larger variety of size being anywhere from 10-24 pounds. We are always willing to measure and chart them and give you a more specific weight if requested, but as a reminder we cannot be held responsible if we are wrong. POSITIVES: Coming from two highly intelligent breeds the Pomsky tends to display great intelligence and ability as it proves to be a quick learner, while being quiet and playful, gentle with kids and very lively. THINGS TO CONSIDER: Pomskies, like Pomeranians, are highly protective of their owners and can make great guard dogs taking on any adversary that they view as a threat to their family. Much like a Siberian Husky, Pomskies are very smart and require regular play to avoid becoming bored. COAT: Pomskies tend to shed a lot, and their thick coats require extensive grooming. Their coat can be fluffy and thick or soft and straight, much like a husky. Colors can also be very unique with various colors and markings. LIFE EXPECTENCY: Pomskies have a fairly high life expectancy, approximately 13-15 years. POMSKY'S EYES: A Pomsky’s eyes tend to favor the Siberian Husky genes, being a breath taking bright blue. Although many Pomskies are born with these dazzling blue eyes, they may not stay that way once they are past the puppy stage.