Litter: Lucy’s Pomsky Puppies

Available Pomsky Puppies





Lily-Female- Grey, tan, black and white- Both eyes are dark

DOB-01/05/2018- $2,000

This is Lily! She loves to play and run around all day. She is a little ball of fire! Lily will be a very loyal companion to her new forever family. She will come home to you up to date on her vaccinations and with a full head to tail vet check. She hopes you love to cuddle and take a nap after a long day of fun. Don’t miss out on this pup. Her bags are packed and she’s ready to go!





Levi-Male- Black and cream- One Eye Blue- SOLD

DOB-01/05/2018- $1,600

This is Levi! This handsome guy is going to be the hottest thing on the block; look at that attractive coat! Get ready to be the envy of the neighborhood while out on your daily walks with him. Before coming home to you, Levi will be up to date on his vaccinations. Don’t miss out on this great puppy; he can’t wait to come home to his new family!




Leah-Female- White- Both dark eyes

DOB-01/05/2018- $1,200

Leah is an absolutely lovely little girl, always ready to crawl into your lap for a good snuggle. She loves playing with anyone and everyone, and hide and seek is her favorite! This little girl is truly one of a kind and she hopes to find a family that is just as special as she is. Whether playing all day or cuddling with the family, Leah promises to be your most loyal and loving companion. Before coming home to you, Leah will be vet checked and up to date on her vaccinations. Don’t miss out on making this wonderful girl part of your family!





Leo-Male- Copper and White- Both eyes currently Blue

DOB-01/05/2018- $2,000

Leo is quite the loving companion. He will make you wonder how you ever got along without him. He will surely make you smile with all his adorable antics. Leo hopes he can go home to you today so that he can bring you all his love and puppy kisses. This cute boy promises to always be by your side as your most faithful, four-legged companion. Wouldn’t you love to make Leo yours today? Don’t miss out!




Lucy-Female- Tan, White and Grey- Both eyes Dark

DOB-01/05/2018- $1,600

Lucy is a very sweet little pup who loves snuggling and exploring. She is very calm and companionable and will be the love of your life! Lucy is so excited to meet her new family. She has lots of love and puppy kisses to give. She hopes you’re ready for all the fun she has planned for you. This cutie loves to play and run around all day, but also has no problem taking a nap when time permits. Lucy is ready to meet you!




Lena-Female- Black and White- Both eyes Dark

DOB-01/05/2018- $900

“Hi there! My name is Lena and I just know that we are meant to be. I have been dreaming of coming home to my new family and I sure hope that it is you! I promise that we will have lots of fun together. We can spend all day playing if you’d like. Whenever you get tired I will be right there to cuddle up by your side. I’ll be healthy too, so I will be ready for anything that you have planned. Please bring me home, I want to start my life with you!”



Lila-Female- Copper and White- Both Blue Eyes

DOB-01/05/2018- $2,500

“Are you in search for the dearest and most loved puppy on earth? Well, look no further, because I’m here. My name is Lila, and I’m the cutest puppy that ever lived. My affectionate kisses will steal your heart over with the first one. I will arrive to my new home healthy, happy, vet checked and up to date on vaccinations. So, as you can see, I am the perfect best friend. Aren’t you excited? Just remember, I’m waiting on you!”




Leon-Male- White- Both Dark Eyes

DOB-01/05/2018- $1,200

Leon is such a sweet boy and would love to be your best friend for life. Imagine all the fun you’ll have with this cutie. You can take him for nice walks in the park or just cuddle with him on those lazy, rainy afternoons. Leon will have a complete nose to tail vet check and arrive up to date on his vaccinations. This cutie has so much love to give and he wants to share it with you. Don’t miss out!